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The Silver Tsunami

By Anthony Gonzalez
Executive Director at
Atria on Roslyn Harbor

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The Silver Tsunami, also known as the gray wave, is here and here to stay. For quite some time, the silent generation of those born between (1928 and 1945) and the baby boomers, those born between (1946 and 1964) have created a wave of older adults in need of housing and a variety of care needs. 

   For the first time in our country, the 80+ population is outpacing the 0 – 5 population, expected to peak around 2035 when the population of older adults will officially be greater than

the number of children. 
   Today, older adults have many more options than those before them, from high-end super luxury communities (Coterie Hudson Yards, Coterie Cathedral Hill, Atria on Roslyn Harbor) to those communities that are more Ramada than Ritz (Atria Hertlin Place, Holiday by Atria). There is a suitable place for everyone, whether moving to a Senior Living Community or bringing in Home Care; the options are many. Each situation is unique to the individual, and various factors come into play: financial situation, care needs, location, etc. 
"The hardest part of helping older adults is getting them to overcome the misconception of what "Senior Living" is."    -Anthony Gonzalez, Atria at Roslyn Harbor


Many older adults remember the days of their grandparents, when moving to a "home" meant cold linoleum tiles and curtains that swung around the bed, often sharing that room with someone else. Not today! 

   Today's Senior Living communities tend to give a great deal of independence back to older adults as they no longer rely on their adult children to take them to doctor appointments, do their shopping, and help with laundry; they no longer have to call for a plumber, landscaper or the variety of other service professionals it takes to run a household. 

    In Senior Living, those services are amenities that take care of the daily needs and are included in the monthly rate. You can't put a price on the peace of mind it affords the resident and their families. The 24-hour awake staff and emergency response systems are incredibly comforting. The social and recreational opportunities are endless. The best part is there is nothing you have to do. You have the privacy and independence of your apartment with no responsibility for its upkeep, and when you come out of your apartment, there is life happening all around you. 
There is something to be said about sitting at a table with other like-minded individuals and enjoying a meal instead of hearing the fork hit the porcelain plate alone at home, often not eating a fulfilling, nutritious meal but rather just satisfying the hunger. 

    Generally, there will be an adjustment period just like any other time you have made a move in your life. Though this one I am particularly sensitive to. Often, folks are moving from a home they raised their family in and have spent 40-60 years living in, but the reality is that home is no longer conducive to their needs and could even be a safety hazard with steps and laundry in the basement, etc. The good news is that the adjustment period tends to be 4 – 6 weeks, and around weeks 8 – 12, we hear things like "I wish I would have made this move sooner" or "Thank you for giving me a new lease on life." 
    What also makes a move to Senior living so appealing is that there is no long-term commitment or obligation as these leases are month-to-month with a simple 30-60-day notice vacating the residency agreement without penalty. It's a small bet to make for the rest of your life. In short, take the chance, make the move, and you'll be glad you did.  To learn more about senior living communities please visit

Anthony Gonzalez, Executive Director, Atria Senior Living Roslyn Harbor, NY
Serving the elderly and their families for over 15 years.
2023 LLS Visionaries of the year candidate  - 2022 Quality Enhancement Award Recipient, Highest Customer and Employee Satisfaction scores in the region. - 2021 Quality Enhancement Award Recipient 91, 5MM in NOI, 90 Customer Satisfaction Score, Best in Senior Living Award Recipient, Caring Star Award Recipient

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