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Dr. William Novick, MD
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Did you know that each year over 1,000,000 children are born with heart defects? 14% of those children will not survive their first month of life and 30% will not survive their first year of life without treatment.  NCA is committed to bringing sustainable health care solutions to these children. You can help us to save lives and bring joy to families around the world.


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Dr. William Novick is different from your average doctor. In fact, his position as a world-renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon seems more like a superhero role - as he and his team travel to war-torn countries to perform life-saving surgeries on children abroad. 
   Battling bombs and bureaucracy in 34 countries, Dr. Novick and his team of 22 doctors, nurses, and technicians have operated on over 10,000 children on some of the most dangerous frontlines worldwide, including Ukraine, Libya, Bosnia, Columbia, Nigeria, Iran, and Iraq. 

For his dedication and compassion, the Patient Preferred Network named Dr. William Novick “Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon of the Year” representing the state of Tennessee. “Dr. William Novick is doing God’s work for these children and their families while risking his own safety. I can’t think of a better candidate more deserving of this award,” said Herschel Barron, Director of Operations at the Patient Preferred Network. 
    In 1993, Dr. William Novick created a foundation to care for children with heart disease in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). He had seen the disparities in healthcare provision between children in the high-income and LMICs and had a vision that every child born with heart disease should have access to the care they needed to live a long and healthy life no matter where they are born. 
    As a pioneer in this field, he realized early on that helping local teams build capacity which could sustain a pediatric heart surgery service would be the only way to provide real hope to these many children and their families, as stated in their mission. 
    Over the years Dr. Novick recruited a group of clinical experts in the field of pediatric cardiac care who shared his passion and vision to help eradicate the suffering caused by congenital heart disease in LMIC. In October 2014, this group of dedicated professionals came together in support of their natural leader and formed the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance now known as Novick Cardiac Alliance, a 501(c)3, non-governmental organization (NGO). 
    “Our vision is that in the future all children with heart disease, no matter where they are born, will be able to receive the medical and surgical care they require to live a long and healthy life,” said Dr. William Novick. 
    Novick’s team also trains and educates local surgeons, nurses, and clinicians so that they can continue saving lives long after the “American Team” has left — and whenever possible, he endeavors to stay in touch with the babies who have had the chance to stand healthily the passage of time.    
   His successful career in medicine began as a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He then completed his General Surgical Residency at the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania before entering the Cardiothoracic Residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Dr. William Novick served as Assistant Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, 1993, Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, 1999 and is Paul Nemir, Jr., MD Professor of International Child Health & Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) Global Surgery Institute. 
  As the founder of Novick Cardiac Alliance (NCA) 501(c)3, his humanitarian efforts have been profiled by international and national news channels and he has received regional, national, international, and governmental accolades including Presidential Medals of Merit from Croatia, Belarus, Nicaragua, and Ukraine in addition to a Congressional Record from the US House of Representatives, the Ukrainian Gold Medal of Peace Award, Kyiv, Ukraine and the Humanitarian of the Year award from the Rotary Gift of Life, Inc. — to name a few.  
    Academically active he has published over 80 book chapters and peer-reviewed articles and made over 100 presentations at major National and International Conferences. His book, ‘Healing the Heart of Croatia’ received media accolades, while the short subject documentary “Chernobyl Heart” highlighting his work in Belarus won an Oscar. 
   Efforts abroad are possible through a powerful collaboration of brave medical teams and charitable donations that help sustainable pediatric cardiac care – including open-heart surgery – free of charge, saving children’s lives, empowering families, and creating a positive and enduring impact on societies and countries. Consider donating to Project Tiny Hearts, the Novick Cardiac Alliance movement to help save the lives of children in war-torn parts of the world suffering from congenital heart disease.  
    “We are dedicated to improving the skills, knowledge, technology, and experience of local healthcare providers in regions of the world without access to quality Pediatric Cardiac Care,” said Dr. Novick. “We aim to provide comprehensive care to all children with congenital or acquired heart disease regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, political ideation, genetic factors, or economic means. Our vision is that in the future all children with heart disease, no matter where they are born, will be able to receive the medical and surgical care they require to live a long and healthy life.” Please join Dr. William Novick and the Novick Cardiac Alliance by making that vision happen as a medical  volunteer or support through donations by visiting

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