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Preferred Health Magazine Speaks with Boxing Legend Mike Tyson About Testosterone Replacement Therapy and New Telehealth Platform

"Iron Mike" Tyson Partners With Telehealth Expert to Focus on Male Hormonal Imbalance 

By Angelina Cappiello

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is becoming more popular among celebrities and impacting society beyond fame by challenging traditional views of aging, promoting a nuanced understanding of masculinity, and influencing better healthcare choices. 
    Introducing, a telehealth clinic that specializes in providing treatment for low hormonal imbalance in men. Founders, former heavyweight champion boxer “Iron Mike” Tyson and telehealth CEO Fraser Burns, are raising awareness about hormonal treatment for men who, like themselves, have experienced the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. Both men shared their low testosterone journey with Preferred Health Magazine. 

Photo of Mike Tyson by Andres Ortiz 

A boxer may be the last person you associate with having low testosterone. Still, the former champion says, “It’s a natural thing for the majority of men past their mid-thirties to have a natural decline in testosterone levels, even if you are in general good health and live an active lifestyle,” said Tyson. “For me, I just didn’t feel like my energetic self, and I didn’t know why - until I had my hormones tested and started a testosterone program. I immediately felt better and just all-around healthier,” he explained. “I didn’t know that my low energy was also tied to my testosterone levels. Now that I’m balanced again, it’s a game changer. My mood and overall outlook on health are more positive. 
    Co-founder Fraser Burns also testified to the treatment's efficacy: “When I was 48, which was about five years ago, I was not feeling my best. I was not sleeping well and just had low overall motivation. But, like many men, I just thought it was part of getting older. 
   “After several doctor visits, I did not get many answers, and I just got frustrated with the whole process,” he explained. “Unfortunately, many standard primary care providers just do not understand hormone therapy, and rightfully so; they are not trained in that area, so I understand.” 

“After several doctor visits, I did not get many answers, and I just got frustrated with the whole process,” he explained. “Unfortunately, many standard primary care providers just do not understand hormone therapy, and rightfully so; they are not trained in that area, so I understand.” 

At, the duo feels men no longer have to suffer in silence from the symptoms of low testosterone, which can include: 
• Lack of energy & fatigue 
• Decreased endurance 
• Aches, joint & muscle pains 
• Deteriorating performance 
• Weight gain 
• Increased hair loss 
• Decreased motivation 
• Decreased enjoyment in life 
• Low self-esteem 
• Depression & mood swings 

Benefits of Hormone Treatment
• More energy
• Added muscle tone and definition
• Decreased belly fat
• Amplified energy and motivation
• Elevated physical ability
• Sharpened memory and focus
• Enhanced sexual function
• Improved sleep
• Elevated mood
• Higher quality of life

"I’m in the best shape of my life, and the testosterone balance is a huge part of why I look and feel so great.”

Screenshot 2024-04-01 13.42.33.png

“There is just no need for a male to suffer with Low testosterone,” Burns said. “The benefits of treatment can be life-changing and are astounding.” 
    Tyson wholeheartedly agreed, “This venture is important to me because it is something that I truly believe in and can speak about with passion. I am an example of what can be accomplished if you take good care of yourself and have balanced hormones. Testosterone is a key factor in having a healthy, balanced life. For me, I’m in the best shape of my life, and the testosterone balance is a huge part of why I look and feel so great.”

So, how does the program work, and who are the doctors involved? doctors are all U.S.-licensed medical providers, not offshore providers, with a minimum of 5 to 10 years’ experience. All of their doctors go through annual performance reviews and before a doctor is added to the network, they are fully credentialed, confirmed for state licensing, and overall experience level. “Our network of medical doctors have treated tens of thousands of patients, so our medical providers are very friendly, very knowledgeable, and well-trained,” Fraser said. 
   Through transparency, maintains a responsible balance between the benefits, side effects, and costs of TRT - which is crucial to promoting men’s health. The first step once you’ve logged into is to simply order your blood panel. The next step is to complete an online health questionnaire so that IronRemedyMD has your full medical and social history. Then, the patient will go to one of their 7,000 blood draw centers to get a blood draw completed and the testosterone report generated.  
   According to Fraser, the cost of the blood work and analysis is a one-time fee of around $129.00. Once the bloodwork is completed and the report is reviewed – a care coordinator will set up a virtual doctor visit for you. The doctor will review your blood work and look at a few key metrics, total testosterone, free testosterone, and estradiol levels. After the full medical review, and if medication is prescribed the cost is around $465.00 for a 70-day supply. currently offers two treatment plans, a topical option, and an injectable option, each plan also comes with additional support medication that is taken orally.  
  “Our treatment plans help men with increased libido, we help them improve sleep and mood, and we can give them back the energy and motivation they need to get back in the gym,” said Fraser. “We focus on the problem and solve low testosterone with individual blood analysis and a clinical review.   

The US healthcare system and some insurance companies may not accept hormonal therapy as a necessary medical treatment, therefore making this testing a self-pay option only.   

    Passionate about TRT and helping others, Tyson said the platform takes away the trepidation some men feel when discussing health issues and going for a doctor’s visit. “This process is a lot less scary and an easier way for men to get the help they need,” said Tyson. “We live in a fast-paced world, and general medical practice can have long wait times to schedule an appointment. Then, there is a certain comfort level that men might need when discussing uncomfortable personal information, especially when discussing their low testosterone,” he continued. “Using telehealth doctors via phone eases those moments, and the prescription is shipped directly to your home.” 
   Asked if he had any words of encouragement for men teetering with the idea of being tested for low hormonal disorders, Tyson said, “I would tell them that there are solutions and to no longer be embarrassed; just start feeling your best self no matter their age. Check out and talk to one of our doctors to get the help you need to start feeling better. Trust me, this is something you don’t want to prolong. Feeling your best is easy and one phone call away.” 

Fraser Burns is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ocenture and has over 35 years' experience in building profitable global organizations and developing infrastructure to market a diverse line of products and services. 
  Fraser was also the Founding Investor and Board Member of The HCI Group (HCI). HCI is a global leader in healthcare IT consulting serving over 420 hospitals worldwide. HCI offers a broad scope of healthcare IT solutions in over 30 countries helping healthcare organizations plan, implement and sustain enterprise healthcare technology systems. HCI has also earned national accolades as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

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