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Could the Apple Vision Pro Headset be Harmful to Your Eyes?" 

By Dominique Carson

The Verge published an article stating that Apple consumers are ready to return Vision Pros headsets due to complications with the device, citing they do not feel comfortable with the headset because of its weight and price.
   RjeyTech posted a tweet about the Vision Pro when he said, "Can't wait to return the Vision Pro, probably the most mind-blowing piece of tech I've ever tried. Can't deal with these headaches after 10 minutes of use."

Alexander Torrenegra shared her viewpoints about the headset on Twitter, stating, "Two hours after unboxing my Apple Vision Pro and using it, I decided to box it back up again and return it.
It's quite cool, but there's nothing in it for me that I'll use frequently enough to warrant my keeping it."
    Dr. Glaucomflecken, an ophthalmologist and comedian, discussed his viewpoint about the headsets on his YouTube channel, Knock Knock, Hi! With the Glaucomfleckens. His segment focused on whether Apple Vision Pro Headsets suit your eyes.

"Well, at $3500, if you can afford the Apple Vision Pro, you can probably afford new eyes," said Glaucomflecken. He also said the two biggest concerns about the Vision Pros are blue light and eye strain. Although we are bombarded with blue light because it's in everything from the light that shines through the sun, it will not damage your eyes because it doesn't induce eye strain. On the other hand, Dr. Glaucomflecken said that blue light can mess with your circadian rhythm when you're trying to sleep.
   Dr. Glaucomflecken said consumers think about the eyes' accommodation, meaning focusing on your eyes. Ciliary muscles, the little muscles inside the eye, contract and change the lens's shape, prompting you to focus on things closer to you. But as we age, the eyes also age and start to lose the ability to accommodate or focus up close, which is concerning if you're strapping an electronic device on your face. "And so that's the biggest concern, which is that if you have this thing on yourself for eight hours, you're probably going to induce some eye strain," said Glaucomflecken. The other thing you can get is dry eye, too. When looking at screens all day, we suddenly blink after a while because we realize we haven't blinked. It feels like sandpaper because your eyes are dry. These are the effects this device will have, but remember, it's $3,500."
    Jordan Michael Carson, who works with a third-party company that collaborates with Apple, shared his views on the device. "This is the first Apple device that focuses on visual computing, and the feature that stands out the most is the immersive mode. It transports you into a different setting, like Yosemite National Park, the ocean, and visiting prehistoric places.
   Costly, Vision Pros' price is similar to a month's rent or mortgage in some neighborhoods. Michael says the device costs a lot based on the GB: $3,500. for 256 GB, $3,700. for 512 GB, and $3,900. for 1 TB. Carson believes people are returning the headsets after two weeks because of the price, incorrect use, tired after wearing them for a long time, and failure to figure out creative ways to use the device currently and in the future.
   While others are concerned about the potential health risks of Apple Vision Pro Headsets, Standford Medicine wants you to consider your overall eye health. A Standford study shows that extended use of Apple Vision Pro can cause simulator sickness, headaches, and discomfort. Digital Phablet also lists the potential dangers of Apple Vision Pro, including social isolation, addiction, cyberbullying, and a safety hazard if users are not paying attention to their surroundings.
   It's essential to consider these risks before making a purchase decision. Is the headset's convenience worth the potential harm it could cause to your eyes? Do your research and make an informed decision.

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