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Health Care Clinical Operations Consultant 

 “The first few things that come 
to mind when I think of 
Mev Markashi is that 
she’s an ethical and 
dedicated professional.”

-Five-Star Client Review 

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Photo Courtesy Mev Markashi

Mevlude “Mev” Markashi is Meritoriously Named a

Top Clinical Operations Consultant and Home Health Care Industry Expert

Representing the State of New York

With more than 25 years of proven success in the health care industry, Mevlude “Mev” Markashi, RN, BSN, CHFP is recognized by the Preferred Professionals Network as an expert in Home Healthcare Clinical Consulting representing the state of New York.

  At Markashi Home Health Consulting, LLC, Mev serves as a nurse and administrator bringing her diverse expertise to her role as a consultant. Markashi Home Health Consulting LLC offers clients a plethora of comprehensive services including compliance monitoring and oversight and comprehensive transition management support, including interim leadership staffing.

  Ms. Mev Markashi’s focus as a consultant is on helping clients streamline processes and reevaluate their resources to better meet their goals, improve outcomes, and boost client satisfaction. “She supervised, coached, and supported our staff on home care regulations and revised procedures to meet the NYSDOH standards as necessary.”

A successful proven record, clients of Markashi Home Health Consulting, LLC have rated her services five stars. “The first few things that come to mind when I think of Mev Markashi is that she’s an ethical and dedicated professional,” read a client’s review. “Putting the welfare of her patients at the forefront. She’s definitely someone you’d want in your corner.”

    Another client praised Mev for her expertise and expressed great appreciation for the education she provided the company. “I had a pleasure working with Mev, she has taught me a lot,” read the review. “She educated me in Home Care and supported me throughout her employment with our company. She supervised, coached, and supported our staff on home care regulations and revised procedures to meet the NYSDOH standards as necessary.”

    Her successful career in healthcare began when Mev received an Associate of Applied Science in nursing from the College of Staten Island. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in nursing with a minor in psychology at Lehman College in 1999. A practicing registered nurse in both New York and New Jersey and has continued to pursue additional professional credentials and professional development opportunities throughout her career, including specialized credentials for health care finance professionals and certified specialist business intelligence.

   Mev Markashi began her nursing career as a medical-oncology registered nurse at St. John’s Riverside Hospital and a member of the Staten Island University Hospital float team before moving into pharmaceutical sales for AstraZeneca in 2001. After three years with AstraZeneca, she returned to nursing as an administrator, and in 2008, she accepted a position as the director of clinical operations for the Visiting Nurse Association of Staten Island.

   During this time, Mev continued to hone her expertise as an administrator. Between 2010 and 2012, she served as the regional director of patient services for Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc., rising to become regional vice president of operations in 2013. She was named director of clinical eligibility and intake enrollment for Senior Health Partners, Inc. in 2014, and in 2015, she moved on to freelance consulting. Within two years, Mev developed a reputation for professional excellence in high-profile circumstances. In 2021, she launched Markashi Home Health Consulting as a way to bring her consulting acumen to a broader range of clients across the country, and she continues to operate the company while providing consulting services with her signature client focus and in-depth personalization.

   To keep abreast of the latest developments in her field, Mev Markashi holds professional memberships with the Healthcare Financial Management Association and is active in numerous professional organizations including Marquis Who’s Who, IAOTP, and the Preferred Professionals Network.                   
  Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her outstanding achievement and commitment to her work, including accolades for her team leadership and product education skills during her time with AstraZeneca. She was also featured in The National Digest as a leader in home health care, and she has been an in-demand speaker and professional development coach for companies throughout the sector, including a presentation for a notable New Jersey-based home care accreditation company, Commission on Accreditation for Home Care.

     When Mev is not consulting clients, she is extremely active in various community and humanitarian efforts, working as a refugee advocate and translator for Catholic Charities of New York and a volunteer for the New York City Medical Reserve Corps. Additionally, she is a longtime supporter of the American Red Cross and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

To learn more about Top Clinical Consultant/ Home Healthcare Expert Mevlude “Mev” Markashi, or for a consultation please visit

PHM: You began your journey as a nurse more than 20 years ago, can you remember what first inspired you to become involved in healthcare? 
: I'm going to have to share the long version with you. It really wasn’t all planned out. Initially, there wasn’t much thought given to what I was going to pursue. I considered pursuing a career in computer programming, business management,

or interior design. These were some of the popular career paths at the time for majors. As you can tell, I was all over the place and really had no direction. I think that's where the majority of 17-year-olds are in their lives at that time. 
   In my senior year of high school, the guidance counselor asked me why I hadn’t completed any college applications.

I basically said to her, I wasn’t going to go to college. She did not look happy with me when I said that to her. She sat me down and said, “You’re in the college discovery program, and you have done very well in the honors classes. You have to go to college.” She gave me the brochure to The College of Staten Island, and I went home and reviewed the courses. 
  She was not going to accept it any other way. I reviewed the brochure quite a few times and still, nothing really caught my attention except for the Medical Assistant certificate program. It consisted of 2 semesters and a summer externship.

Toward the end of the two semesters, I chose to complete the externship requirement in the Emergency Department

of what was then Staten Island University Hospital. 
   I had no idea what I was experiencing. Who at this age understands what an emergency room means?

Pretty clueless but fascinating at the same time. The environment was fast-paced and chaotic, but I learned from controlled chaos. Such is the nursing profession. You get in there and a lot of the time you just have to figure it out as you move along.

I spent a lot of time observing. More so, I watched in disbelief. What the human body can withstand astounded me.

On the patient end, I saw a lot of pain, and sadness but also strength and resilience. In the nurses and doctors, I saw an intensity of heart, compassion, critical thinking, empathy, and tenacity in giving aid. It seemed to just flow as I watched them display what seemed to be a rehearsed skill set. Along with that came an unusual way of dealing in what they did on a day to day. A sense of humor that most people would not understand. I fit right in. 
   During my time there, all of the nurses who were much older than me, kept asking me what I was going to do next. I didn’t have a plan aside from completing the externship and working. Every one of them basically said the same thing to me.

You’re young. Why stop here? Become a nurse. It’s a great profession. You have the personality for it. There are so many different areas you can work in. It also gives you the flexibility you will need in life as you get older.  It all made sense to me.

It really sounded exciting and because I tend to sometimes easily and quickly get bored, it just seemed right. 

Mev Markashi

PHM: Switching gears years later, what inspired you to become a 
Home Health Clinical Operations Consultant? 
One thing I always knew for sure is I wanted to work for myself rather than be employed by others. Prior to making this decision, I took full advantage of the various opportunities available to me as a registered nurse. I gained a lot of knowledge, and

I consistently moved up the career ladder. And whenever I felt I had achieved what

I needed to or I just wasn't enjoying the role, I moved on to the next opportunity. But this time, it was a little different. It seemed that I was overqualified for most positions and under qualified for others. At least that's what
   I was told. I was becoming aware that working in the existing healthcare settings was no longer for me, but I was unsure of where I should focus. The positions I was

in weren’t challenging at all. I did not like the way the healthcare industry was developing either. 
   There was a general complacency among people and businesses. 
I was quite irritated with all of the nonsense. I began to realize a change in myself.

I wasn’t comfortable in the status quo. I was bringing all of my knowledge to bear

and yet, I felt like nothing was moving forward. 
   At the time I made this choice, a lot was going on. We were still in the pandemic.

The environment changed every day, and you never knew what other change would take place the next day. Most employees were working from home. A vaccine mandate had been implemented. The moment presented itself in the midst of everything, and

I knew it was time. In June 2021, I established Markashi Home Health Consulting, LLC.

Photo Courtesy Mev Markashi

PHM: How does your personal experience in the field of nursing benefit clients? 
I was hooked by the energy of healthcare and quickly understood that healthcare is a people-driven industry. Because I made the most of the opportunities I had as a nurse—which included in addition to home healthcare, the acute care setting, classroom and field training, pharmaceutical sales, and insurance companies, to name just a few—
   I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how to be fluid and flexible as well as proficient at seeing the whole parts. Every situation is unique. You have to be able to pivot and tap into a lateral way of thinking. I've always been quite proud to be a nurse and my work as a nurse. Through certification courses, networking, newsletter subscriptions, and remaining up to date on federal and state regulatory notifications, I invest a lot of effort in honing my skills. I do a lot of homework that clients do not have the time and or resources to invest. I have been successful in establishing a professional network of alternative companies that can provide additional resources where necessary. The healthcare industry is constantly changing. An experienced professional who has been in the trenches would be a great asset for making sense of what is needed now and in the future. 

    When I start working with clients, we first meet to talk about their needs and company objectives. More often than not, there is generally a lot more going on than what is seen on the surface. I never walk into a company thinking I have all the answers right away. I begin by assessing all the factors involved. I don't believe in using a one-size-fits-all strategy. The assessment leads to the analysis of the obtained data. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and turn everything upside down. I utilize their existing resources and expand upon them as needed. With the analysis, I can now have more in-depth conversations with my clients about creating and designing an effective plan and carrying it out. So, the solutions are individualized and specific to company goals. 

PHM: What have you enjoyed most about working as a consultant? 
To be part of the process and see something end better than it started. Alignment throughout decision-making is extremely important. The details matter. Solving a problem can have a domino effect that can lead to cascades quickly. I get to put all my experience to use because it is so varied. I may switch my focus from evaluating a patient file to helping with employee onboarding to assisting in providing guidance on regulatory interpretation. On some days, I go through each individual department to help with compliance-related issues, or I might train the sales team on how to boost their referral potential. I never get bored. It keeps me alert and on my toes. All the components involved need to be communicated. As a company is scaling, I think it is best to communicate the same thing over and over. I get to take part in a change, both for myself and with the people I work with. And it's not one-sided. Everyone has a unique skill set or background, so I get to learn from them too. 
    Overall, getting to see goals and objectives achieved is really the highlight. It’s noisy when there is no direction or role definition. I get to impart my knowledge to internal teams so that staff is trained, and the project is successful. Teaching someone how to do something is one thing; getting them to the point where they can comprehend the why and how is quite another. Connecting the why for future communications. They have to learn to make those decisions in the future on their own. This was how I learned. If I understand why I’m doing something, it will be easier to remember that knowledge and apply it in the future.   

PHM: You have been recognized as a leader in your field. What does it mean to you to be recognized as a “Preferred” Home Health Care Clinical Operations Consultant? 
It’s pretty amazing. This achievement is a significant milestone in my life. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. I've devoted a lot of time and effort to where I am now in my professional career, thank you for the recognition. Before I replied to your mail, I did some research on Preferred Health Magazine.          

   The articles reflected current dialogues people are having every day. They were very informative. Many professionals contributed their stories. I have been influenced by many people in my life, and I hope I can do the same for others. 

PHM: Looking back on your career, you’ve had a lot of firsts. Which milestone means the most to you? 
There were many important events in my life. They all contributed in different ways to my progress and development. Each of them brought with them a sense of achievement and contributed to some kind of change. 
   I've accumulated a variety of abilities, skills, and experiences. At the time, it all seemed random and to be honest, all over the place.  I've been working on myself and finding equilibrium in the present. I’ve now started to understand the new direction I've found. I sometimes second-guessed my choices, but I know that they weren't chosen randomly. Nothing 
I gained in experience or skill is useless. Right now, this recognition and being a member of Preferred Professional Network, amongst many other professionals is a further milestone in my career. I am very grateful. Thank you. 

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