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Losing hair is like losing part of one’s identity, especially for men and  women undergoing cancer treatments. For those who feel like their unique character is stripped when their locks aren’t up to par, technician and tattoo artist Debi Barton is more than happy to come to the rescue.

Barton’s distinctive business - Scalp Ink CT - specializes in scalp micropigmentation, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, similar to getting tattooed, that helps hair loss sufferers add a little boost to their appearance and take care of all of those follicle fears!

The energetic, animated and inspiring licensed tattoo artist spoke to Preferred Health Magazine about her Connecticut-based establishment, which launched in 2016.

There are two different types of micropigmentation - camouflage fills that help with blending color under thinning hair (or hairless patches) and density fills that make the inner scalp look more full.

“Getting micropigmentation isn’t like getting a tattoo on your body,” she explained. “When you get a tattoo on your body, the needle penetrates anywhere from five to seven layers of skin - and they’re dragging that needle. With my procedure, I can only go through a dime-sized layer of the scalp
and it’s much less painful than 
the repeated dragging.”

How does it work? 
The same way plastic surgeons require measurements for facial reconstruction - or even Botox procedures - Barton measures her clients’ contours accordingly - especially when creating a bolder hairline along a receding hairline. She measures the corner of the nose and eyes, starts at

the temple and goes to the crown as she maps out the treatment area with a pencil. 

Thousands of little 
pigmented dots are 
injected into the scalp,
recreating color and
giving the illusion that 
hair is fuller and more 
natural in its follicle 


Barton notes that it typically takes three sessions from start to finish. One session can take up to three hours. Clients will begin to notice life changing results from the first treatment. She repeats the procedure over several more sessions, if needed, to add more layers.

Women who underwent or are undergoing chemotherapy have a couple of options for bringing back their confidence and sass. Barton said thinning hair can be made to look more full. However, if a woman has lost all of her hair - or even patches of hair - she encourages a consultation about the best methods of filling that will accommodate a new look.


For others who have scarring on their heads from surgeries after tumor removal and other procedures, Barton takes proper care to help these clients cover up the scars with a natural shading.


When it comes to protecting the pigment of the tattoo, Barton highly advises that clients limit their exposure to the sun and use sunscreen on their scalp.

For men who get their scalp inked and tend to shave their heads frequently, she explained, the procedure won’t last as long since shaving exfoliates the skin, sloughing dead skin off and could possibly erode some of the pigment.

Before opening up her own scalp aesthetics business, Barton worked in the beauty industry as hairdresser, and later, a regional director for a fitness franchise. 

While working as a eyebrow microblading technician she was introduced to the art of scalp tattooing, which opened up a world of possibilities to help clients with hair thinning and hair loss issues. She is most proud to have trained under the guidance of master artist Daniel Yerenburg.


The expert technician, and a Scalp Artist International Trainer, is also a CPD Accredited and a Connecticut Licensed Tattoo Artist. During her career in the beauty industry, her talents have worked with big names such as Billy and Alexis Joel, Christie Brinkley and Alexa Rae and Bruce and Patty Springsteen. She is also co-owner of The SMP Expo, which hosts global events to train Master technicians and introduce newcomers in learning advanced SMP procedures.


Barton’s down-to-earth sense of humor and bluntness with her clientele makes her a stellar entrepreneur who’s always learning more about the business. She even offers free consultations about her amazing work! Give her a call at 457-882-2724 and check out her web site to learn more about her dedicated craft:

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