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A Trending Solution To Boost Productivity At The Office  

By Dominique Carson

Sleep is essential in our lives; It is essential for optimal brain performance, mood, eating habits, and overall well-being. With that in mind, corporations are incorporating sleep into their employees’ workday by purchasing nap pods!   
   Ultimately, sleep or nap pods were invented to improve sleep loss and could be found at airports, hospitals, schools, and train stations. Today, prominent organizations such as Google, Mercedes-Benz, HuffPost, and NASA have added nap pods to their establishment so employees can catch up on some much-needed rest – giving them the opportunity to be more productive in the workplace. 
   Studies have consistently proven insufficient sleep can make you more prone to health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or hypertension. Whether traveling for business, working overtime, or the “graveyard” shift, nap pods can help employees see a better future, and companies a better fiscal year. 

Nearly 80 % of healthcare workers expressed positive remarks on the nap pods and how they have improved their overall mental and physical health. 

Nap pods are furniture shaped like an egg to protect the individual's head and are designed to enhance relaxation while sleeping in public. Some nap pods are designed with an actual bed inside and soundproof rooms, allowing business professionals to briefly escape their hectic work schedules. 
   Individuals can lie on the bed while using the control panel and review the settings on the nap pods to feel more comfortable. The features included on the nap pods are adjusting the incline level, differentiating which nap pods you would like to use based on size, regulating noise control, adding vibration to the nap pods, changing the time, adding music with a headset option, selecting a light program that suites your current mood, and a storage area where they can include their personal belongings. Once you finish the nap pods, you can use a disinfectant wipe to maintain the saintliness for the following user. 
   Nap Pods are a technological device on the rise, and employers recognize the advantages of the sleeping apparatus. Nearly 80 % of healthcare workers expressed positive remarks on the nap pods and how they have improved their overall mental and physical health. 

Juliet Fang, a student from Brown University and a staff columnist from The Brown Daily Herald, wrote her op-ed piece on the significance of nap pods and stated, “Adequate sleep is an essential yet frequently overlooked component of college students' well-being. We need more sleep; installing a few nap pods around campus would help us dream a little sweeter. " She also added that although nap pods are costly, ranging from $8,000-$12,000 per pod, she hoped the university would invest in the welfare of their students to reduce all-nighters. 
  Various companies offer nap pods, including GoSleep, MetroNaps, Minutes Suites, LLC, Sleep Box, and SAMS Snooze at My Place. The companies designed their nap pods for those who are waiting at airports working long hours at the office, and amenities such as flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, a work area, easy listening, built-in speakers, and LED lighting so consumers can travel, nap, work, or simply a breather. 
   For employers looking to get the most productivity from their workers, Nap Pods may be an ideal supplement for those needing a little shut-eye in order to reboot. With their popularity increasing, corporations are utilizing sleep pods as part of their office culture; and both employers and employees are reaping the benefits. 

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