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Identifying and Understanding the Seriousness of Stomach Cancer 

By Dominique Carson

When legendary country singer Toby Keith first announced he had stomach cancer on social media, it raised a high level of awareness to identify the warning signs of stomach cancer. 
  Keith, known for his songs "Beer For My Horses" and "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)," said before his death on February 5th, 2024, that he completed chemo, surgery, and radiation, but it depends on the individual's stage of the disease. 
   Stomach cancer or gastric cancer, although the least popular form of cancer, is the sixth most common cancer worldwide. It is also the third leading cause of cancer death globally. The cancer starts developing in the lining of the stomach. Foods with high levels of salt, family history, environmental factors, and smoking can also increase your chances of being diagnosed with stomach cancer. 
   Dr. Olivia Aranha, MD, a St. Louis doctor, said the most common warning signs of stomach cancer are dysplasia, nausea, vomiting, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, melena, uncontrollable weight loss, feeling fatigued, loss of appetite, internal bleeding in the stomach, small intestine, or right side of the colon. If your hemoglobin is low or stool or feces is sticky and has a potent smell, it indicates irregularities in your upper digestive tract. 
   According to Dr. Aranha, there is a 70 percent survival rate of stomach cancer if someone is diagnosed early, cancer is only in the stomach, and surgery is the first option. However, if the stomach cancer spreads extensively to the stomach wall, small intestine, lungs, or liver, it will be more difficult for the body to cure. As the cancer continues to spread, it can cause lumps in the skin, yellowing of the skin, and whites of the eyes, and the stomach looks swollen from fluid filling the body of the stomach. Then, several treatments are conjoined to save the patient's life with the best medical alternatives. 
   You can ask your physician about gastric cancer syndrome to detect a gene mutation called CDH1, especially if you're between the ages of 18 and 44. Doctors will perform an endoscopy every six to 12 months to look inside the organs, specifically the stomach. If a physician detects gastric cancer syndrome, they can perform prophylactic surgery to remove an organ or gland to prevent further development of the disease. 
   Losing a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, such as Toby Keith, is always tragic and disappointing. Stomach cancer is a severe disease that affects many people around the world. It's essential to raise awareness about the symptoms and risks associated with this type of cancer. The best way to prevent stomach cancer is H. Pylori treatment, and it reduces GC by 50 percent. 
   Regular check-ups and screenings can also help detect stomach cancer early when it's easier to treat, especially if you're experiencing any of the symptoms. You must also be mindful of your nutrition and environmental factors by reducing your salt intake, exercising more, avoiding smoking, and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. 
   Let's honor Toby Keith's memory by spreading the word about Gastric Cancer and encouraging others to take their health seriously. 

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