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My Therabox

By Rachel Sokol

The Subscription Box You NEED: TheraBox
Curated with love by a licensed therapist, 
your TheraBox is a warm hug delivered

When I heard about TheraBox, my initial thought was—oh, great, another subscription box filled with one item I like and then a bunch of junk. Well, I was wrong. VERY wrong. TheraBox is amazing and that’s because it’s therapist approved. 
  Every item inside TheraBox was curated with the help of a licensed therapist. What you get is a charming and thoughtful box chock-full of wellness goodies. 
  It’s the goal of TheraBox to help you be present in the moment and delight in life’s small pleasures without feeling guilty. 
  You’re literally mailed a box of “happiness” - the items inside your box promote mental health and wellness, from journals, affirmations, personal growth tools, de-stressing activities, and body care goodies like a gentle facial scrub or a massage roller. 

Behind the brand 
TheraBox was created with love by Ting Jiang, a licensed therapist based in Southern California. Born and raised in New York by immigrant parents, Jiang lived and traveled around the world, eventually pursuing a career in therapy. 
  Jiang realized many women she counseled felt burned out. “I was teaching them strategies to cope while stressing the importance of self-care,” she explains. “I also love to spread that message into something tangible (something you can physically touch) because not everyone has a therapist.” 

An idea takes shape  
Jiang points out that a therapist reminds you to take a mental health day and take care of yourself, “and a lot of people don’t have that regularly—a weekly therapist.” 
   She wanted to share her advice on handling stress and burnout with the world, but in a different way; one that stepped outside the realm of traditional talk therapy. “Having products that can help you practice self-care is really convenient,” she says. “So, I mulled over it while still working full-time as a therapist. I listened to business podcasts for advice on how to get these ideas in my head into something tangible.”
   She laughs when recalling, “Honestly, I was driving to work one day, sitting in traffic, and it just ‘popped up’ that maybe I should create a subscription gift box as a reminder to others that self-care is meant to be practiced consistently.” 
   Jiang calls gift-giving her “love language.” It feels good to give someone a gift that makes them feel better, and simultaneously it feels good to receive such a gift.  So, with an idea taking shape, Jiang launched TheraBox in 2017, and by 2018 the company took off. Today, as CEO and founder, she’s no longer seeing clients and is devoted full-time to TheraBox. 

Self-care and self-love 
  “What makes us unique is every month our box contains one self-care, happiness activity, and then about six to seven general wellness products,” explains Jiang. “The self-care activity is meant to be practiced month-long and it’s evidenced-based.”
   Jiang points out that based on neuroscience, “it takes 21 days to build a habit, but you're always rewiring your brain on a daily basis--and the more you practice something, the more your brain would be rewired for that.”
   “At TheraBox, we really emphasize having products that aren’t just for your body, or face, but something for your mind that aims to rewire your brain.” 
   For example, one recent box included nature-themed inspirational cubes with a pamphlet filled with advice on how to apply the affirmations on the cubes to your everyday life. Another recent box contained a gratitude journal. 
Regrouping and re-charging 
Jiang shares how she personally unwinds: meditation. “It really works for me, and it has changed my life. It’s the number-one practice I recommend to everyone in my life--mindfulness meditation,” she says. “Just taking even five minutes; 10 minutes…out of your day to really be present in that moment with yourself is crucial.”
  Jiang adds: “Also, when I need a break, I take a vacation!” 
She reminds herself, and TheraBox fans, that ‘no’ is a full sentence. Don’t be afraid to say it if you need to. 
  “I try to make sure I don’t take on too many things; I've been burnt out before. So, for me, I know what it looks like, and how long it can take to recover from burnout. So, to protect my time, I set boundaries, so I don’t get to that level again.” 



Ways to reduce stress 
Why do so many women feel so stressed out, frequently? 
(Although hopefully less once they subscribe to TheraBox…)

  “We’re piling on more and more roles, more and more responsibilities, and feeling like we need to be good at all of these things,” says Jiang. “This definitely leads to burnout. I feel like women are getting burnt out more and more over the years, and rightfully so. There are more tasks, expectations, and responsibilities that oftentimes we put on ourselves, but at the same time, societal pressures, as well.”
  This is why self-care, in her opinion, “should be the number one priority,” says Jiang. “Because if your bucket is not full, you will not be able to perform whatever it is that you need to, or be what you need to be for your family or your friends. You’re just not going to be able to be the best version of yourself.”
  Adds Jiang: “There’s a quote I love: ‘Self-care is giving the world the best of us instead of what’s left of us.’ The key message is prioritizing your well-being because that is the source from which you give, and do.” 

You can subscribe to TheraBox at: The company has some exciting brand deals and promotions coming up. Be sure to sign up for the company’s newsletter and follow TheraBox on social media (@mytherabox on Instagram and TikTok) to learn more. 

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