Larry King.png

Larry King

Famed Journalist

& a Spirit to Live!

Jamie Kennedy, Comedian, Funnyman, Scream, Movie Actor, CHB, Malibu, Scream 1, Scream 2, Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy

Career, Life and

Living with CHB and a Pacemaker

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Dr. Sharona B. Ross

Top Surgeon &

Women in Surgery Advocate

Jonathan Scinto, Top Chef, Chef Scinto, Family Kitchen, Schrogens Disease, Celebrity Chef

Jonathan Scinto

Exclusive Interview with Top Chef and His Every Health  Battle

Dr. Vatsala Sastry, MD

Dr. Vatsala Sastry

Infectious Disease Expert

Coronavirus 2020

Advice and Action

Kelly Powers1.jpg

Dr. Kelly Powers

Podiatric Surgeon, TV Commentator and Medical Expert

Deepak Chopra, Deepak Chopra Interview, Metahuman, Preferred Health Magazine, Patient Preferred, PHM

Deepak Chopra


Reaching Your

Infinite Potential

Dr. Sergio Canavero, Italian Surgeon, Head transplants

Dr. Sergio Canavero

Contraversial Head Transplants

Fran Drescher, Nanny, Franni Fine, Cancer Survivor, Cancer Schmanser, Rape, Cancer Advocate

Fran Drescher

Your Favorite Nanny, Cancer Survivor

and Activist

Erica Lugo, Instagram Influencer, FitLoveSquad, Biggest Loser Coach, Weight Loss

Erica Lugo

Instagram Influencer

Reinventing Herself

and Her FitLoveSquad

PHm Cover2018.jpeg

Plant-Based Dieting

A Beginners Guide to Healthy Living


Vegetables, Arsnic, Poison, Dirty food, Wash your vegetables

Don't Eat

Your Veggies??

Cryotherapy, Cryology, Cold therapy



Allergy Triggers

How to treat seasonal allergies

Flouride, Toothpaste, Dangers of flouride


Good for you?

Sleep Apnea, Cant sleep, Tired, Sleep, sleep problems

Sleep Apnea

What's robbing your of your dreams?

Smart Kids, Raising smart kids, Genius, Prodigy, kids, school, teach, teach kids, Preferred Health Magazine

Raising A Genius

Reaching their

true potential

BRCA Testing, Breast Cancer, Preferred health Magazine

BRCA Testing

BRCA Testing is

Saving Lives

PTSD, Veterans, Soldiers, Depression, Anxiety, Veteran health, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, Help veterans, Preferred Health Magazine


Suffering In Silence

Patient Reviews

Why Patient Reviews are important to your practice

Music Therapy, Music, Good health, Preferred Health Magazine

Music Therapy

The New

Fountain of Youth

Inner Peace, Meditation, Inner peace, inner Happiness, Inner Rock Star, Preferred Health magazine

Finding Your "Inner"

Happiness, Peace,

Rebel, Child

Best Bike Routes, Bicycling, Bike Riding, Preferred health Magazine

Best Bike Paths

In the U.S.

Escape on two wheels to these top bicycling paths in the U.S.

Magnesium, Magnesium Dificient

Magnesium Deficient?

Signs & Symptoms

Gerd, Gerd issues, Gastroenterology, Reflux, reflux disease, Preferred Health Magazine, hearburn


When simple heartburn is not the problem


Drone Organ Delivery

A delivery was never more important.


Lip Blushing

The Perfect Pucker

A new, trending cosmetic procedure


Tongue Health

What is your tongue trying to tell you about your health?

Preferred Health Magazine: Do You Work In A Toxic Environment?

Toxic Workplace

Do you work in a Toxic Environment? Find out!


Things Happen.


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