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Melissa Cassiliano

Welcome to "Making Sense with Melissa," where I, Melissa, invite you to join me on discussing life’s topics while trying to make sense of it all. As a dedicated wife, a loving mother to a teen daughter with unique challenges and a 9 year old son, a children's book author, a former teacher, former project manager, and my newest venture as a fashion “influencer” my life has known diversity and depth in many areas.

Having obtained multiple degrees throughout my life and lived many experiences,
I have gained invaluable insights and wisdom on a vast range of topics. Particularly those pertaining to the realms of family, education, health, wellness and beauty. I hold a variety of perspectives on these topics and I look forward to, “Making Sense” out of them in discussions and conversations.

As a mother to a child with unique needs, I understand intimately the joys and challenges that come with nurturing and raising a child who requires specialized care. I aim to share my experiences, offer support, and provide guidance to fellow parents who may be navigating their own journey through this complex world.

While my role as a children's book author is enabling me to inspire young minds and foster a love for reading, it has also granted me a platform to delve deeper into the importance of literacy, education, and the power of storytelling. Through this column, I hope to ignite a spark of creativity and curiosity in others, letting them know it’s never too late to start a dream or change gears. 

Moreover, my background as a former teacher and project manager allows me to approach various topics with meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail. Whether we're exploring family, education, discussing wellness strategies, or uncovering the secrets of enhancing our beauty, I strive to provide practical advice, backed by research and firsthand experiences.

To me, life is a continuous journey that may not make sense at the particular moments that we are going through something. It’s many times when we finally get to sit back and glance into these moments that they provide us with self-discovery, growth, and learning. I believe that each one of us possesses a unique story waiting to be shared, and through this column, we will embark on this extraordinary journey together. So open your minds, and prepare to try and “make sense” out of it all with me! 

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