Ed Begley Jr.

Actor turned environmentalist,

Ed Begley Jr. explains how to create an efficient environment and live a healthier life.

Eva LaRue Starting Over

How to deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

Big Sky's DeDee Pfeiffer speaks about her journey to  finding purpose

Emily Rockwell, NP-C

shares how she uses Botox to

help you get a good nights sleep

Shanna Amoroso, NP of The Lumen Center in PA helps you get your groove back in the bedroom with the "O-Shot"

IV Drip Treatments: A trending preventative to colds, viruses, aging, and memory loss

To See or Not To See: Night Vision

Feng Shui Your Home 


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Nurse Practitioner Emily Rockwell

helps you sleep better with BOTOX! 

Find out how Botox can help with bruxism and TMJ pain.

Winter Edition 2021

Beloved Talk Show Host and Veterans Activist, Montel Williams shares how CBD changed his life for the better 

Neuroscientist Dr. Patricia Broderick -

An exclusive report on The Covid Brain

Paula Abdul and Martino Cartier develop a revolutionary curling iron for Wigs & Wishes

Life Coach Kelly Hutcheson teaches parents how to communicate effectively with their children

Inspirational speaker, Michael Kutcher speaks about his journey with Cerebral Palsy and an upcoming memoir 

Motivational speaker, Nada Nasserdeen tells us how we can develop Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

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Fall/ Winter 2020

Legendary Reporter, Larry King 

discusses his career, health issues, and a stroke that left him wanting to die.

Top Surgeon, Sharona Ross

Inspiring profile interview with a

Patient Preferred Physician, and how she is inspiring women surgeons worldwide.

Explanting Journey

with Susan Holland,

Executive Director of Cancer Schmancer


The Dangers of Mob Mentality with

Dr. Cooper Lawrence, Ph.D., 

author of Celebritocracy


The Addiction Pandemic Crisis in America with Dr. Russell Surasky

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Winter 2019

America's favorite nanny,

Fran Drescher graces the cover of PHM and speaks with us about her cancer survival that sparked a movement she lovingly calls Cancer Schmanser, and much more!

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Deepak Chopra.jpg

Spring 2020

World re-known, spiritual Guru,

Deepak Chopra speaks Metahuman with PHM. How do we reach our fullest potential for ever-lasting peace, and love?

Find out in this MindFull Edition! 

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